All Natural Organic Turkey Tenderloins

Nature’s Rancher All Natural Organic Turkey Tenderloins – 99% Fat Free, Paleo Friendly, Gluten Free, No Lactose, Antibiotics, or Growth Stimulants, Humanely Raised and Processed in the United States
These turkey tenderloins from Nature’s Rancher make for a perfect protein to build a healthy meal around. Possibilities when it comes to how you prepare them are virtually endless, and you can rest assured you’re eating meat that comes from conscientious ranchers who believe in the products they produce – to the point of feeding it to their own families. Coming in at 99% fat free, these all natural tenderloins make for an ideal source of lean protein. No antibiotics, no added growth hormones, raised humanely on purely vegetarian feed. This is the kind of quality meat you and your family deserve.

  • All Natural Organic Turkey Tenderloins – 99% Fat Free
  • Certified Humane – No Cages, No Crates, No Crowding
  • Vegetarian Fed Free Range
  • No Hormones Added
  • No Antibiotics
  • Step 1 G.A.P. Certified

A G.A.P. certification means each farm is audited every 15 months to ensure the integrity of the raising processes of our livestock.




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