Theo's Steakhouse • Cooking & Grilling Sauce  

Let's all sing along on this. Mmmmmmm!! Home, home (the place where you live) on the range (the stove top you cook on), where the dear (your significant other) and the antelope (no other description for this, just an animal), play (your backyard unless you are a kid who plays in the house). Where seldom is heard a discouraging word (THAT is impossible to hear when you serve your best dishes with our #2 selling marinade in the nation, our very popular Theo's Steakhouse Cooking and Grilling sauce)...and that ends the song. Hard to follow up an act like our Theo's Steakhouse, and that's no bull!

This steakhouse sauce is more than just a sauce for steaks. Theo's Steakhouse complements the flavor of all meat items. This product is best used as a marinade but can be used in stir fry or even as a BBQ sauce. The lightweight plastic bottle makes it easy to take with you camping or fishing or going over to a friend's house to let them cook for a change. This sauce is that good!