Jamaican Jerk • Cooking & Grilling Sauce  

Who would have thought that anything with the word "jerk" would be any good? Many friends have said to me that when they meet a jerk they would dump them, and I say, "Good for You!" You should do the same with our Jamaican Jerk Sauce. Dump it on Chicken, Steaks, Kabobs, Lamb Chops, seafood fillets. And how about Jamaican Jerk Wings and Shrimp?

I am not "jerking" anyone around here. This sauce is that awesome!

Jamaican Jerk sauce is the true cornerstone of fine Caribbean cooking. Our Jamaican Jerk sauce combines the great taste of juices and herbs to recreate this authentic flavor in an easy to use marinade. This sauce is great with all meat, seafood, and vegetable items.