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Hot Dogs/Burgers





Q: Debbie asks, "Are your whole frozen turkeys gluten free?"

A: "Debbie, Yes they are. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!"

Q: Stephanie asks, "Is your prepackaged ground turkey with natural rosemary flavor gluten free?"

A: "Stephanie, The Turkey is gluten free...Enjoy!"

Q: Brigid asks, "Is your poultry free range or cage free? Do you use antibiotics to raise them?"

A: "Brigid, all of our meat is raised with no antibiotics ever, no added hormones and with no animal by-products. You can know how the chickens were raised by the Global Animal Partnership animal welfare rating on the package (step 1, step 2, etc.) We are exclusively sold at Whole Foods Market, so you can find out more about the standards and the animal welfare ratings on the Whole Foods Website click here


Q: Carolyn from New Jersey asks: "I understand that your buffalo is not rated on the 1-5 scale. Can you tell me something about how the buffalo are raised? Do you expect to be rated in the future?"

A: Carolyn, we're so glad you asked. Yes, we do expect our bison to be step rated in the future. All of our bison are raised without antibiotics, added hormones and on a vegetarian diet. They are on range and grasses a majority of their lives, but are finished with grains the last few months.

Q: Joseph asks, "I have a question about your ground buffalo. Is it produced in a facility where items containing gluten are processed? I see your chicken nuggets contain gluten so I am worried about cross-contamination if they are produced in the same place as the ground buffalo."

A: "Joseph, our ground buffalo is produced in a facility that does not produce ingredients with gluten."


Q: Ravi asks, "Are all your meat products gluten free? If not, could you tell me which ones are?"

A: "Ravi, here is a list of our gluten-free products: Organic 100% grass fed ground beef, choice Angus rib-eye steaks, choice Angus strip loin steaks, ground buffalo, whole turkeys, turkey burgers, boneless/skinless chicken breasts, tenders, and thighs, chicken wings, chicken burgers, hams, bacon, smoked pork and venison summer sausage, organic chicken, uncured hot dogs, uncured beef hot dogs, uncured pork and beef hot dogs, and boneless/skinless grilled chicken strips."


Hot Dogs & Burgers

Q: Oscar asks: "I understand the Nature's Rancher Hot dogs are 100% beef, however what is the casing made from?"

A: "Oscar, The hotdogs do not have a casing"

Q: Robert & Carmel ask, "Are your Angus Beef Burgers gluten free? We couldn't find a list of ingredients on the carton."

A: "Robert & Carmel, There are no ingredients except beef, which does not have gluten."


A: "Rebecca, The lactic acid starter in the Hickory Smoked Bacon is from a non-dairy source, the bacon does not contain casein."

Q: Jacklyn from Hawaii asks: "How are your pigs raised? Are they pastured mostly eating roots? Pasture and grain? If fed grain is the grain NON-GMO? Are they humanely raised and slaughtered? My biggest concern is what they eat! If you could please let me know I would appreciate it!"

A: "Jacklyn, The pigs for our pork are raised with no crates, no farrowing stalls, and no tethers. They are provided with ample space to exercise, lie, and move freely without obstruction. We do not permit tail docking, tooth clipping, de-tusking, or disk nose rings. They are fed an all-vegetarian diet – with no animal byproducts in their feed, no antibiotics, and no added growth hormones (Federal Regulations prohibit the use of Growth hormones in raising pigs).

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