Customer Comments

"I just want to say that I was very pleased with the Nature's Rancher frozen whole turkey I bought this year for Thanksgiving. Being on a low-sodium diet I so appreciated being able to enjoy a non-injected vegetarian-fed bird. It was delicious and I would definitely buy it again."

Miriam, From Schererville, IN

"Just to let you know that the turkey turned out to be very good - cooked on the 24th. Everyone said it was delicious and it looked good as well."

Beth, From Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"I was at a friend's home the other day, and she served your fully cooked Angus beef meatballs. They were delicious!!"

Maxie, From Chicago, IL

"I never thought I would be a fan of frozen steaks, but wow! I have been buying your gorgeous NY Strips and ribeyes for the last few months and I am amazed at the quality. They defrost in water in only a hour. Convenient to keep frozen for anytime. And the taste is just superb, better than what I usually get at my local market. Cheers, and thanks for putting out such a great product!"

Brian, From New York, NY

"Awesome sauces!!!!!"

Sandra, From Coral Gables, FL

"We live in NH and went to some snowmobling racing in Oct. and had your burgers and they were great wondering where I could buy them in NH. Thanks!"

Chuck & Ann, From Belmont, NH

"BJ ate the wings because she favors white meat.  Verne likes the legs and thighs.  It was very convenient to be able to purchase Nature's Rancher turkey parts at Whole Foods instead of having to wrestle with the entire turkey.   We were able to purchase exactly what we wanted in the portions that we needed at a reasonable price for Thanksgiving.  Thank you for thinking outside the box with the small, cost-conscious consumer in mind."

Verne., From West Hartfod, CT

"Recently we bought several packages of your delicious bacon...Love the bacon... Happy Holiday's"

JOHN C., From Peoria, AZ

"We LOVE you guys! My kids even say they can tell if we aren't using Nature's Rancher meats! It's the ONLY chicken we ever buy and stock up on at Whole Foods every time we are there!"

Trinity R., From Seattle, WA

"The beef tasted fantastic by the way, I will be buying more!"

Adam F., From Latham, NY

"Love the frozen grilled chicken breasts from Nature's Rancher. They are easy to heat, slice and put on top of caesar or kale salad for a quick dinner."

Carol N., From Berwyn, PA

"My wife and I purchase Nature's Rancher hot dogs and burgers all the time at Whole Foods. We care about nutrition ans it's nice to know that your company does too. We don't buy any other brand but Nature's Rancher simply for the quality wholesome ingredients. We feel good knowing that the animals aren't treated with harmful chemicals and preservatives. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to maintain our wholesome eating."

Cynthia T., From Baltimore, MD

"My family and I love your beef hotdogs so much. They are so delicious that I often eat them by themselves. Everyone I have ever served them to has raved about how it is the best hotdog they have ever eaten. I have a special diet and am not allowed to have food additives or preservative so I thought that hotdogs were a thing of the past for me. I was so excited to see that your hotdogs are all natural and that I can eat them with no problems. Thanks so much!"

Melinda M., From Pittsboro, NC

"I love your Canadian bacon!"

Ty M., From Dallas, TX

"Just wanted to say how much I loved your bacon this morning. I follow a paleo lifestyle and therefore eat a lot of bacon. My normal brand Applegate Farms, wasn't available so I risked buying was delicious! Nice and smoky salty...loved it! The price was great to at my Wholefoods. I will be switcing brand allegiance! "

Mary, from Princeton, NJ

"My family and I enjoy using your products all the time. It makes meal times easier for us since we have big families. I appreciate that you care for the public needs on a daily bases. You guys are doing an awesome job, and I just wanted to tell your company that. Thank you and keep up the good work. "

Tricia F. from San Benardino, CA

"Just wanted to let you the Nature’s Rancher natural turkey was the best!!! Yes, it was even better than the Butterball we had at Thanksgiving. We will be getting another one in the future for sure. Thank you."

Cecelia H. from Thomasville, FL

"Love Love Love the bacon!!!!! Our 5 year old eats bacon like crazy and it has taken forever to find a deliciously tasting bacon.... Thank you!"

Dawn from Naples, FL

"Our turkey this year was unbelievably good. And, I don’t do much. I basted it with a mix of olive oil and butter. Stuffed it with some celery stalks and whole carrots, a big chunk on onion. Poured some white wine into the cavity. Placed bay leaves under the skin. Put some poultry season in the cavity. Placed it in a cooking bag. Done in 2 hours flat for a 14-16 pounder. Easy! I NEVER stuff my bird (I called him Butch this year!) with bread/corn stuffings---- Julia Child told me that! The 5 of us at our table were impressed. Carcass makes good soup, too!"

Nancy S. from Rochester Hills, MI

"I brined my thawed Nature’s Rancher turkey and everyone commented how good it was-and the crust was nice and brown-really picture perfect. I may not go back to a fresh turkey next year. Who knew frozen could be so good!"

Michael K. from Columbus, OH

"Love Love Love the bacon!!!!! Our 5 year old eats bacon like crazy and it has taken forever to find a deliciously tasting bacon.... Thank you!"

Dawn from Naples, FL

"I received 2 steaks as a gift from a friend. They were delicious!! Thank You."

Carol from Milford, NJ

"Thank you for your Hickory Smoked Bacon. It has a great taste and my wife and I enjoy it for breakfast or on a BLT from time to time. We also appreciate that it is an all natural product without the usual things that are used to cure maet products. Again, thank you for your good food and your dedication to bring it to us and others."

Matt from Littleton, CO

"Your meatballs are the best around. I was raised in an italian family and while my grandparents and parents may turn over in their graves as I write this, your meatballs rival anything I grew up with. Truly outstanding."

Darren from New York, NY

"I love the taste of your Ground Buffalo."

Mark from Honolulu, HI

"Your uncured bacon is the best bacon I have ever had. Once I eat one piece I cannot stop. I only eat uncured bacon and even after I tried to go back to other less expensive brands they all paled in comparison. Thank you for your Hickory Smoked Bacon."

Parson from Boston, MA

"We really enjoyed your Beef Provencal product. Just the right size for the two of us and delicious. Went well with noodles but can't wait to try it with taters or rice. We'll look for your other products at Whole Foods as swell. Thank you."

Gordon from CO

"We LOVE your hot dogs! They have been a huge hit with all our friends and family too - my son suffers from many food allergies and not only can he have these, they are better for us AND taste better than any other hot dog out there!"
Amy from Cedarburg, WI

"Recently purchased Beef & Gravey and found it to be flavorful and a great taste. We intend to purchase this again. Thank You."
Paul & Marsha from Natick, MA

"I love your hot dogs! They are the best on the market!"
Barbara from Rydal, PA

"Your turkey burgers are so much tastier than any other turkey burger in existence. We have tried them all…there is no comparison.  You must do something different!  Perhaps you actually tell the truth about the diet you feed your turkeys? Perhaps they are truly happy turkeys?  Thanks again."
Leslie from OR

"We just finished Thanksgiving dinner - this was our first Nature's Rancher turkey and it was the best in our memory - after 36 years of Thanksgivings together - that's saying something! A truly perfect turkey in taste and texture - and an abundance of white and dark meat. Didn't brine - and it didn't need it! Thanks for producing such a high quality product."
Cindy from San Antonio, TX.

Re: The Ground Beef Patties - "Thank you! Our whole family will be purchasing these!"

Loralyn from Elk Gove, IL

"Your hot dogs are great by the way!!"

Desiree from Edmond,OK

"I purchased chicken burgers from Whole Foods in River Edge, NJ. They're the best I've ever tasted!"
Ann from North Bergen, NJ

"My brother Michael absolutely loves the turkey and chicken! He says the high protein content helps him maintain energy levels and loves that they are so easy to prepare. I just wanted to say thanks for a great natural product."
Caleb from Sherman Oaks, CA

"Since my son is allergic to beef, pork, and dairy, these hot dogs are the only ones we can have and like. They're the best Organic Chicken Hot Dogs we've found and it's not even close. Thank you all again for making them. We also love your frozen grilled chicken strips. We eat them a few times a week."
Mac from Austin, TX

"I just want to say your Chicken Nuggets are so good! I will be buying these from now on."
Shannon from Buffalo Grove, IL

"Just a quick note to say thanks for a great product! I bought a pack of the beef & pork hot dogs and my 2-year-old son is in LOVE!

I look forward to trying many more of your products in the future.

Lillian from Tulsa, OK

"Your Chicken Hot Dogs are by far the best I have tried. Thank You!"

Pat from Hudson, MA

"I love wing sauce and you have the best. Thanks for your response and follow up."
Carsten from Northbrook, IL

"BEST hot dog I have had - and I do know quality in hot dogs - thanks for a great product."
Robert from MA

"Thank you so much. I really appreciate your efforts so that I can continue to enjoy your products, as I do every day."
Karen from Seattle, WA

"Just wanted to say thanks for making products that take into consideration people with peanut allergies. My son is allergic to peanuts and it is hard to find things he can have. So thanks for being so thoughtful."
Angela from Saco, ME

"Thank you very much. We love your pure ground buffalo."
Ward & Cherie from Bend, OR